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When we use the term spy, we often think it is used for some bad intentions, but in order to monitor to the online activity of your dear ones, we need to look for some way to spy on their mobile phones to make sure they are treading on the right path. If you are looking for WhatsApp spy – there are several tracker apps available that allow you to read anyone’s WhatsApp chats. So let’s take a look at the various ways on how to spy on WhatsApp.

In this age of smartphones, you can find all kinds of apps for any purpose you are looking for. When it comes to mobile applications – gaming and music apps are the most downloaded ones in the AppStore or Android Play Store. There are also apps to protect your phones from viruses and other vulnerabilities as nowadays mobile phones are used to store a lot of important files and chat messages. But one thing that was always an issue with smartphones is getting into someone’s mobile to spy on the activities made on that particular mobile phone.

1. Spy on WhatsApp on Android Phones

It is quite simple to spy on WhatsApp messages on other Android phones. You just need to get the target phone for a few minutes and you will have all messages easily from your computer.

Now let’s see how to achieve this:

  • The first step is to take possession of the target phone for a few minutes.
  • Now open WhatsApp application in the target mobile phone
  • In your computer, open the web.whatsapp.com in a browser to the go to the WhatsApp web version
  • Follow the instructions provided on the screen in your computer and do accordingly
  • Now switch on the camera in your mobile phone and scan the QR code in your computer.
  • That’s all, you quietly return the phone to its owner. 🙂
  • On your computer you can see the contacts page after the connection is established. And you will be able to see the complete chat history of each contact, see all the attachments and also receive incoming calls as well.
  • That’s it! It is like accessing someone’s WhatsApp from your computer

But care should be taken that you must not ruin the process by letting others know that someone is spying on their WhatsApp messages. In WhatsApp, if you read messages, it will show as read with a blue arrow. If you read any new messages before the actual owner reads it, then it will show as already read and that will lead to suspicion.

And if the other user signs out of the browser, then you need to take possession of the phone to sign into the browser again. Plus target phone needs to be connected to the internet all the time or else you cannot access their messages. But this is a fairly easy method to spy on WhatsApp messages of other users without using any application or installing any application on the target phone.

2. Use OneSpy app


OneSpy is one of the best applications available on the internet to spy on WhatsApp chats of other users. It is pretty much simple to spy as you can track all WhatsApp activities including the chat messages, multimedia files including audio, video, and picture along with the timestamp of all messages shared.

OneSpy is a not a free application but a paid one and it not only allows access to WhatsApp only but to the entire phone as you can see all contacts, photos, internet history, applications installed, call history, call recordings, emails, SMS messages along with tracking all other major chat applications. So let’s see how to spy on WhatsApp using OneSpy:

Step 1. Make sure to purchase the OneSpy application
Step 2. The download link will be sent to your email on successful purchase
Step 3. And you need access to the target phone for installing the OneSpy application
Step 4. Install the application on the target phone based on the instructions provided
Step 5. Now you all set to monitor all activities made in the target phone

Use OneSpy


3. Use GuestSpy app

GuestSpy is another spy application that allows you to track all the activities on other mobile phones. It is a great app for parents to monitor all their kids’ mobile activity. It also prevents your mobile from getting robbed as you can always track the mobile and also a great help for employers who wish to supervise their employees etc.

The application is completely user-friendly and runs only in the background and is not visible to the original user of the mobile phone. With Guestspy app installed on the target phone you can easily track all kind of activities like chat history, SMS, location, call logs, emails, internet history and many more. Installation is also very simple as you need to follow the step by step instructions provided.

Once you have successfully installed on the target phone, you can instantly login into your GuestSpy account and start tracking. With GuestSpy installed on the target phone you can:

• Monitor all WhatsApp messages, multimedia files shared
• Track all the calls made including incoming and outgoing calls, call duration and timestamp
Spy on all text messages even if it is deleted on the target phone
• Monitor the location of the target phone as it helps the employers to track its employees’ activities and parents to watch over their kids’ location etc.
• Track the internet activities and which sites they are currently browsing
• Access to all the contacts on the phone
• Access all the calendar activities
• Track all messages sent through Skype, iMessage and Viber
• Access all multimedia files on the target phone including audio, video and pictures. Everytime a new photo is added, it will automatically be added to your GuestSpy account as well
• Allows you to control the target phone from your computer as you can lock the phone, change the password and delete all data in case if its stolen
• Take a backup of all data

Use GuestSpy


4. Spoofing the MAC Address

Another free method to spy on WhatsApp on other user mobile phone is to spoof the MAC address of the targeted mobile phone. It is a bit complicated, but if you follow the steps provided below exactly then it can be done easily. This method is based on the vulnerability of WhatsApp that allows you to run the same account on different mobile phones. So if you spoof the MAC address of the other mobile phone, then you can easily access all the WhatsApp activities on that mobile phone easily.
The MAC address is a unique ID for each mobile phone that consists of number and alphabets. To spoof the MAC address of another mobile phone you need access to your mobile phone and also the target phone.

Follow these steps:

• To access the MAC address of the other phone, go to Settings -> About -> Wifi-Address

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• On Android phones go to Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> Wifi MAC Address

• If your phone is connected to the same WIFI as your computer, then you can easily get the MAC address from the computer itself

• On Windows PC, got to “Open Network and Sharing Center” -> Change Adapter Settings. You can see various networks connected, right click on the target phone and go to Status -> Details and you can see MAC address specified under “Physical Address”

• On OSX, go to System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Hardware. You can find the MAC address on top.

• Since you’ve access to the MAC address of the target phone, the next step is to uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile phone

• And change the MAC address of your phone with the MAC address of the target mobile phone
(You can use WiFiSpoof and BusyBox for iPhone and Android respectively)

• Now once you’ve changed the MAC address, reinstall WhatsApp on your mobile phone and when it asks for the phone number enter the mobile number of the target phone

• Since you have access to the target mobile phone, enter the activation code received on the target mobile phone into your mobile phone

• You can reset the original MAC address on your mobile phone

• Now you have complete access to all WhatsApp messages, multimedia files shared etc.

But be careful not to read new messages as it will alert the user that someone is spying on his WhatsApp.

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